Friday, February 18, 2022

Recommended Viewing: Missionary Interviews

United Methodist Communications and United Methodist Women have both recently posted interviews with United Methodist missionaries and mission leaders serving around the world.

As it has in years past, the "Get Your Spirit in Shape" podcast produced by United Methodist Communications has recently featured a series of interviews with Global Ministries missionaries. The podcasts, which range from 20 to 36 minutes, feature a range of missionaries doing a range of work. The three recent episodes are as follows:

Desiree Segura-April, a Resource Person for Children at Risk Ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Helen Roberts-Evans, director of the Department of General Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church in Liberia

Rev. John Calhoun, who pastors the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna (ESUMC)

In addition, United Methodist Women recently posted the latest episode in its "Voices from the Field" series. This 20-minute episode features women leaders from Mozambique.

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