Methodist Scholarship

The following is a compilation of freely-accessible academic resources related to The United Methodist Church. These resources are about the UMC generally and are not specifically mission-focused.

A free, digital copy of the United Methodist Book of Discipline is available online, though it is not searchable and text may not be copied from it:

Methodist Review, a freely-accessible electronic journal for Wesleyan and Methodist studies:

Methodist History, a freely-accessible print and electronic journal for Methodist historical studies. Current issues: Back issues:

The Asbury Journal, a freely-accessible print and electronic journal for broadly Wesleyan and Methodist scholarship on a variety of topics:

Archives of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, a freely-accessible print and electronic journal published from 1966 to 2010 for broadly Wesleyan theology:

Archives of The Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies, containing all free digital copies of all papers presented at Oxford Institute meetings:

Archives of motive magazine, the Methodist Student Movement magazine from 1941-1972:

Christopher J. Anderson's United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies, 6th edition:

Methodist and Wesleyan Studies Collection at the Global Digital Library for Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib):

Mission Photo Album Collection in the UMC Digital Galleries:

Additional links, especially to collections related to John and Charles Wesley, are available from The Methodist e-Academy's Links page: