Friday, February 5, 2021

Recommended Viewing: Unmasking the Evil of Colonialism

The Methodist Federation for Social Action and United Methodists for Kairos Response are co-hosting a webinar next Wednesday, Feb. 10th at 10am EST entitled "Unmasking the Evil of Colonialism." The webinar will explore the impact of colonialism on Turtle Island (a traditional Native American term for North America), the Philippines, Africa, and Palestine. According to press materials, the webinar will help viewers wrestle with the question, "How can we meaningfully reject the sin of settler colonialism and support these indigenous peoples' liberation struggles?" Interested readers can register at the above link.

The webinar will feature a panel of four presenters: Rev. Alvin Deer - Retired Clergy in Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, UMC; Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota – Clergy in the Zimbabwe East Conference, UMC; Rev. Armando Arellano - Filipino Clergy in the East Ohio Conference, UMC; and Ata Manasra - Director of the Wadi Foquin-Narjes Community Development Project, former Mayor of Wadi Foquin, West Bank, Palestine. It will be moderated by Michelle Dromgold-Sermen, former UMKR Intern and PhD candidate in sociology, University of North Carolina.

Lloyd Nyarota in particular has been an outspoken critic of colonialism within The United Methodist Church. Given his presence on the panel and given the generally United Methodist flavor of the event, it is likely that the discussion of colonialism will include a discussion of colonialism within the church as well as within secular realms.

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