Friday, February 12, 2021

Recommended Reading: Emmanuel T. Naweji on Congolese Immigrant Pastors

Emmanuel T. Naweji is a United Methodist pastor originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo currently serving churches in the Iowa Annual Conference. In 2016, he published a dissertation with the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary entitled, "The Ministry of United Methodist Pastors from the Democratic Republic of Congo Serving American United Methodist Churches: A Vision for Renewing United Methodist Ministry Drawn on Wesleyan and Congolese Experience." While there is a literature on cross-cultural, cross-racial appointments in general, to my knowledge, this is one of the few resources that look at how specifically immigrant United Methodist pastors serving in cross-cultural, cross-racial appointments can drawn upon their backgrounds as a missional resource, perhaps the only one focused on African immigrants. (A future post will review resources on Korean immigrant pastors, especially Korean women.) The first 30 pages of the dissertation, including the abstract, table of contents, and introduction are available in preview from ProQuest. While this preview does not give access to the full dissertation, it does give readers a sense of Rev. Dr. Naweji's argument.

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