Friday, February 19, 2021

Recommended Reading: Missional Takes on Korean Immigrant UMC Clergy

As previously indicated on this blog, The United Methodist Church in the United States is reliant on immigrant clergy, especially Korean immigrant clergy serving in cross-cultural, cross-racial settings. This creates a host of missional and strategic issues and opportunities for the church, as we may fairly interpret at least some of these clergy as missionaries. There is a small literature exploring missional interpretations of Korean immigrant pastors, especially Korean immigrant women pastors, serving cross-culturally and cross-racially in the UMC in the United States. Among that literature are the following items:

A 2007 dissertation by Kyung Mo Koo entitled, "A study of the cross-cultural/racial ministry of a Korean immigrant pastor in the United Methodist Church." This dissertation includes an analysis of the mission of the church in globalization as part of the context for understanding such ministry.

A 2017 dissertation by Hyekyung Pauline Kang entitled, "Cross-racial and cross-cultural leadership experiences of Korean-American United Methodist clergywomen." The dissertation is particularly interested in Korean-American immigrant clergywomen, whom it describes as "bold and courageous missionaries."

The writings and presentations of AHyun Lee, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Wesley Seminary in Indiana Wesleyan University. Rev. Dr. Lee's work falls more within the realm of pastoral care rather than missiology, but it is squarely focused on Korean immigrant clergywomen and clergy spouses.

As the church seeks to better understand the role of immigrant United Methodist pastors in the United States as a missionary role, this literature, along with writings on other immigrant groups, can help build that understanding.

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