Monday, April 17, 2023

News Roundup – Earth Day edition

In honor of the upcoming Earth Day celebration, here are some recent creation care related United Methodist stories from the past couple months. Note the significant amount of creation care work happening outside of the United States and that most of the work is not geared toward Earth Day celebrations but rather a regular part of the church’s activities.

Biogas stoves in mission school in Zimbabwe: The Nyadire Connection, Carnegie Mellon Engineers Without Borders, and United Methodist-affiliated Nyadire Central Primary School partnered to install an environmentally friendly biogas digester to make cooking fuel for the Nyadire Central Primary School.

Solar energy installed at hospital in Zimbabwe: Global Ministries and Old Mutare Hospital partnered to install a 120-panel solar system at the hospital as part of renovations there.

Solar energy installed at church school in Sierra Leone: U.S.-based Operation Classroom and the Sierra Leone Annual Conference have partnered to install solar power at the Taiama Enterprise Academy in Sierra Leone.

Solar ovens distributed in Sierra Leone: Solar Ovens Partners, a UMC-related, U.S. based nonprofit distributed solar ovens in Sierra Leone in March in collaboration with partners there.

Sarah Bach on ecospirituality: Swiss United Methodist pastor and ecotheologian Rev. Sarah Bach conducted an interview on how ecospirituality can guide Christians in the face of climate change.

Swiss United Methodist helped develop hotel eco-label: The Swiss United Methodist Church profiled Urs Bangerter, a United Methodistand retired hotel manager who helped pioneer sustainable hotel practices and an eco-label for hotels.

Faith-based resources for Earth Day Sunday: The ecumenical Creation Justice Ministries is offering a special Earth Day resource.

UMC Creation Justice offers model resolutions: UMC Creation Justice has published eight model resolutions on topics related to creation justice that can be introduced at annual conferences.

East Ohio Annual Conference offers creation care seminar: The East Ohio Annual Conference is holding a day-long seminar on creation care on April 22nd.

Climate justice update from Cal-Nevada Annual Conference: The California-Nevada Annual Conference highlighted educational opportunities, advocacy steps, and resources related to climate justice efforts in that annual conference.

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