Monday, July 26, 2021

Introducing UM & Global YouTube Playlists

UM & Global is debuting a new resource to help better equip and educate United Methodists (and others) about mission and the global church. Blogmaster David W. Scott has compiled playlists on YouTube for a variety of topics, as listed below.

Mission Theology
Mission History
Mission and COVID
Creation Care
World Methodism
United Methodist Polity

These videos, which range from short reflections to long interviews, offer a variety of options for use in teaching, presentations, and other settings. Videos are ordered from most recent to oldest, to help viewers access current information first. Some videos appear on more than one list.

Videos included are mostly from denominational and para-denominational sources in the UMC and other Methodist bodies. Videos were selected to be educational rather than promotional for the producing party, though not all videos have been reviewed in their entirety.

If there are other videos that you think should be included in these lists, or if you would like to see additional lists that fit with the focus of this blog, please let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Check out this interview with two long-term mission workers of the GBGM, reflecting on their work. And before you complain, Paul knows he botched the reference to Dobbie Gillis. It was Maynard G. Krebs.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Mark West. You’re right, I shamefully botched the Dobbie Gillis reference.

    In contrast to many of the official interviews, which are often set in sterile surroundings, I prefer videos from the field, such as these of Katherine Parker, a missionary in Nepal:

    And there are a variety of good resources available about the mission work of United Methodist Women, such as these videos from Uganda and the Philippines:

    And United Methodist Women’s annual Mission U often serves up valuable video content, such as these reflections by mission workers in Alaska:


    Paul Jeffrey

    1. Thanks, Paul. These are great resources. Do you know if any of these are on YouTube as well, or are they just on Vimeo?

    2. I haven't tracked them all carefully enough to know if the GBGM and UMW, for example, also posted them on YouTube or their own servers. - Paul