Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Recommended Reading: Filipino United Methodists in Dubai

Last week, David Scott and Robert Harman discussed the connections between geography, mission, migration and polity in a post by Scott entitled "When It Comes to Geography, Mission Trumps Polity" and a response by Harman. Scott's post used a United Methodist News Service article on overseas Zimbabwean congregations as the basis for his reflections, but he also mentioned the existence of Filipino congregations in places like the United Arab Emirates.

There are at least three congregations of Filipino United Methodists in Dubai, which exist to serve Filipinos but not to evangelize Muslim residents of Dubai, which is prohibited by law. There are nearly a half million Filipino workers living in Dubai, where they may up about a fifth of the total population.

Those interested in the life of these congregations can check out the Facebook pages for those congregations and the regional United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship:

A description of these congregations can also be found on p. 16 of the Summer 2017 issue of New World Outlook. Thomas Kemper wrote this piece, entitled "Walking with United Methodists and other Christians in the United Arab Emirates," after a visit there.

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