Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Recommended reading: German, Danish, Norwegian coverage of General Conference 2019

United Methodist News Service (UMNS) did an excellent job of covering the events of General Conference over the past four days, and they also did an excellent job of ensuring that coverage was translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean.

Yet they were not the only United Methodist news source covering the conference. Among others, Klaus Ulrich Ruof of the Germany Episcopal Area wrote a series of articles about the conference from the perspective of German delegates. For those interested in another perspective on the proceedings, you can read his articles below:
Auf der Suche nach der Lösung ("On the Search for a Solution," Feb. 22)
Achtungsvolle Weite als Auftrag ("Respectful Wideness as Mission," Feb. 23)
Bedeutung und Wirkung einer einfachen Form ("The Meaning and Effect of a Simple Form," [on the Gateway Arch,] Feb. 23)
Die, um die es geht, waren vergessen worden ("Those about Whom It Is Were Forgotten," Feb. 24)
Die Einheit zur Leidenschaft machen ("Make Unity a Passion," Feb. 25)
Traum oder Albtraum? ("Dream or Nightmare?" Feb. 26)
Der Weg zum Miteinander bleibt auf der Strecke ("The Way to Togetherness Remains in the Distance," Feb. 27)

The United Methodist Churches in Denmark and Norway also had coverage of the event, though less extensive than the German coverage. From Denmark:
De danske delegater er på vej ("The Danish Delegates Are on the Way," Feb. 21)
De danske delegater hilser ("Greetings from the Danish delegates," Feb. 25)
Biskop Christian Alsteds åbningstale ("Bishop Christian Alsted's Opening Speech," Feb. 25)
Opdatering fra biskoppen ("Update from the Bishop," Feb. 26)
Opfordring fra Metodistkirkens unge ("Request from the Methodist Church's Youth," Feb. 26)
Generalkonferencen 2019 er ovre – hvad nu? ("General Conference 2019 is Over - What Now?" Feb. 27)

The Norwegian church translated many of the UMNS articles into Norwegian, as can be found in their news archive. They also wrote additional Norwegian-specific content, including the following:
På vei til historisk generalkonferanse ("On the Way to the Historic General Conference," Feb. 19)
Biskop Christian Alsteds åpningstale ("Bishop Christian Alsted's Opening Speech," Feb. 25)
Be for at Den Hellige Ånd skal veilede oss ("Pray that the Holy Spirit Will Lead Us," Feb. 26)
One Church Plan strandet, Traditional Plan går videre ("One Church Plan Is Stranded, Traditional Plan Continues On," Feb. 26)
Etter generalkonferansen ("After General Conference," Feb. 27)


  1. Thanks for posting this material. I am recommending this site as the best place to see thoughtful discussions of global ecclesiology in the wake of General Conference.

  2. DRD - You may want to consider recommending the sites and comments of our fellow United Methodists in Africa, the Philippines and Korea as addition places for "the best place(s) to "see thoughtful discussions of global ecclesiology in the wake of General Conference", too. It's not just Western thinkers who have thoughtful discussions on these topics.

    1. matman, we try to feature voices of United Methodists from Africa and the Philippines (as well as Europe) on this blog whenever we can. If you know of websites with additional content from Africa and the Philippines, please let us know! We're always on the lookout, though our experience has been that finding such content is a greater challenge, especially in Africa.