Thursday, May 5, 2016

Recommended readings on a possible US Central Conference

As we enter the last few days before General Conference, I want to share a couple of readings with you related to one of the issues up for discussion there:

This UMNS news story details several proposals for changing the way that conferences in the US (and possibly beyond) are organized, including a proposal for a US Central Conference and a proposal for continent-wide conferences, including one in North America.

Second, Rev. Dr. Tim Bruster, one of the authors of the "A Place of Reason" proposal for creating a US Central Conference, has written this opinion piece on why he supports such an idea. While Dr. Bruster has his own proposal in mind, several of his points no doubt also apply to the Northeast Jurisdiction's proposal for continent-wide conferences.

These links do not constitute endorsement by this blog of any of these proposals. It's just us carrying out our motto of "fostering conversations about the global nature of The United Methodist Church."

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