Thursday, January 28, 2016

Recommended viewing: CTTalks on Worldwide Nature - Our Theology

As previously reported, the Connectional Table has been posting a series of videos on various topics in preparation for General Conference. The topic for the four videos posted in January is "Worldwide Nature - Our Theology." The videos, which can be accessed through the preceding link, are worth a watch, though they're unlikely to contain much surprising to those who have followed discussions about the global nature of the UMC.

The best aspect of the Connectional Table's focus on this topic may be in the discussion guide prepared to go with the video. The discussion guide has a very short list of questions for discussion, but two of the three really get at the heart of some of the challenges and opportunities involved in the UMC's rethinking itself as a global denomination. They are as follows:

1. How do we make our discussions of a worldwide church about more than just geography?

2. Discuss as a delegation what you feel we have to gain by living more fully into a worldwide connection. What do you fear we have to lose in this endeavor?

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