Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Recommended readings on Pre-General Conference Briefing

United Methodists from around the world met in Portland last week to learn about issues that will come up at this May's General Conference of The United Methodist Church. The three-day Pre-General Conference Briefing, sponsored by United Methodist Communications, was intended as a chance for delegates and others to receive information about General Conference-related matters, not as a time for United Methodists to engage in debate and discussion of those matters.

While many have and will write about this event, here are a collection of stories from the United Methodist News Service and independent United Methodist news sources UM Insight and UM Reporter. For additional information, search #umcgc on Twitter or review the Twitter feed for UM & Global.

Overviews of the briefing:
From UM Insight

Articles about holy conferencing and the proposed Rule 44:
From UMNS on Christian Conferencing
From UM Reporter on Christian Conferencing/Rule 44
From UM Insight on Rule 44

About sexuality debate at GC:
Article from UMNS
Editorial from UM Insight

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