Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recommended Reading: The Church in China

Last week, the United Methodist News Service did a series of excellent articles on the church in China.  Note that the articles are not about The United Methodist Church in China.  As mentioned on this blog before, the UMC is active in China.  Nevertheless, we would be sorely mistaken if we assumed that Christianity in China was structured in ways that were similar to the U.S. landscape of denominations.  Click the links below to learn more about what the church in China does look like!

The Church in China: A Growth in Size, Faith

The Church in China: One Pastor's Journey

The Church in China: Pews are Full

The Church in China: To Serve God, Society

The Church in China: A Bible Printing Press

The Church in China: Focus on Disaster Relief

United Methodism's Chinese Connections

As you read, ask yourself what place the UMC has in this religious ecosystem that is in many ways different than that of the U.S., but in which people still seek to faithfully live out the call of the gospel.  Share your thoughts below.

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