Friday, February 3, 2023

Recommended Reading: How To Save the Planet

The European Methodist Youth Climate Team has created a 4-page guide to creation care entitled "How To Save the Planet." The European Methodist Youth Climate Team had been active around environmental issues in the lead-up to the COP27 meeting and issued a statement after that meeting. This new guide (written in English) is an extension of their previous work.

The guide presents 15 practical and spiritual steps that Methodists (and others) can take for "meaningful action on climate change." The steps range from advocacy to changing personal consumption habits to caring for those impacted by climate change. Throughout, there is an emphasis on cultivating the spiritual habits and dispositions and the theological undergirding for such work.

This guide is sure to be a helpful resource as a conversation starter for individual Methodists, Methodist congregations, and other settings where Methodists are committed to caring for God's creation.

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