Friday, October 1, 2021

Recommended Reading: Remembering Native American Boarding School Victims

Earlier this week, 11 United Methodist boards and agencies issued a statement entitled "Remembering Native American victims of US schools." The statement acknowledges Methodist involvement with the historical system of "Indian boarding schools" in the United States that were aimed at cultural assimilation of Native peoples and the eradication of their indigenous cultures. The statement pledges further investigation into the topic and calls for healing and repentance and "equity and justice for Native Americans in both church and society."

The statement coincides with a National Day of Remembrance for U.S. Indian Boarding Schools held yesterday on Sept. 30. The Native American International Caucus of the United Methodist Church has called for Oct. 6 as an additional Day of Truth and Repentance.

For more resources for churches about the history of Native American boarding schools in the United States, see this site from the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition.

For more on United Methodist relationships with Native peoples, see the text of the resolution on "Native People and The United Methodist Church" from the 2016 Book of Resolutions.

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