Friday, June 11, 2021

Recommended Reading: North American Missional Collaborations Project

The Boston University Center for Global Christianity and Mission is undertaking a major research initiative on North American missional collaboration, and they are asking people involved in missional collaborations of a variety of types across North America to share their experiences. As the project overview explains, "Missional collaboration can cross all kinds of boundaries, including theological, organizational, cultural, ethnic, generational, geographical, and other differences that normally divide people. Examples can range in scope across large regional or national organizations, city-based initiatives, or cooperation between congregations at a local level." Researchers are asking for three types of input:

1. Submitting examples of collaboration in mission.
2. Completing a survey about your experiences of mission collaboration.
3. Organizing a conversation about missional collaboration and sharing the results.

More details about each of these options can be found on the project overview website.

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