Friday, January 29, 2021

Recommended Reading: Mission Roundtable Resources

Mission roundtables are a significant methodology for promoting mutuality among mission partners in decision-making. While roundtables have been used in mission for many years, and while Global Ministries has promoted the use of roundtables, many are still unfamiliar with the practice. Two new resources can help familiarize people with the use of roundtables as an aid to healthy mission decision-making. Both may be downloaded for free.

One is a booklet from Global Ministries, entitled Mission Roundtable: Trusting the Circle, Engaging with Dialogue, edited by Amy Valdez-Barker. This ~60 page booklet includes 8 short essays by a variety of authors introducing readers to the theology, theory, and practice of mission roundtables.

One is an e-book from CREAS, entitled Mission Roundtables: A Paradigm of Sharing, by Humberto Martin Shikiya. This book is published in both Spanish and English. Drawing on the experience of mission roundtables among South American Methodists, the book examines the theory and practice of roundtables, sharing wisdom learned from experience.

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