Friday, December 18, 2020

Recommended Viewing: Missionary Videos

For the second year in a row, the "Get Your Spirit in Shape" podcast hosted by Joe Iovino and produced by United Methodist Communications is featuring a series of interviews with Global Ministries missionaries during Advent. The podcasts feature a range of missionaries doing a range of work, including "a community organizer serving in Philadelphia, a youth worker in Liberia, an agriculturalist in Zambia, and a couple serving as a physician and dietician in Kathmandu." Each of the interviews is 20 minutes or less.

The four episodes are as follows:

Ben Lasley, a former Global Missions Fellow from the United States serving at Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lily Maijama'a, a Global Missions Fellow from Nigeria serving the West Africa Initiative of Liberia

Temba Nkomozepi, a missionary from Zimbabwe serving at the Mujila Falls Agriculture Center in Kanyama, Zambia

Mark and Deirdre Zimmerman, missionaries from the United States serving at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal

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