Friday, July 31, 2020

Recommended Listening: Global Conversations on Discipleship Podcast

Over the past two months, Might Rasing, Director of Central Conference Relationships for Discipleship Ministries, has begun a new podcast entitled "Global Conversations on Discipleship." Using Discipleship Ministries' world-wide network, Rasing interviews pastors from around the UMC connection on a wide variety of topics having to do with the contours of United Methodist life in those particular contexts. The episodes, which run from 45 minutes to an hour, provide an interesting glimpse into the life of United Methodists in various spots around the world. As of this post, there are five episodes in the series:

Discipleship and Church Life in the Time of COVID-19: Responses from Africa, Europe, and the Philippines with Rev. Alan Masima Gurupira from Zimbabwe, Rev. Ande Emmanuel from Nigeria,  Mr. Phileas Jusu from Sierra Leone, Rev. Anne Detjen from Germany, and Ms. Earlie Pasion-Bautista from the Philippines

Evangelism, Discipleship, and Publishing in Zimbabwe with Rev. Gift Kudakwashe Machinga, Pastor-in-Charge of Cranborne UMC in Zimbabwe, Chair of the Board of Discipleship in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference, and leader of the Discipleship Resources International (DRI) - Publishing Team in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area

Discipleship and Community Engagement in Germany with Rev. Dr. Barry Sloan, director of evangelism of the Germany Central Conference and co-founder of Inspire Chemnitz

Young People's Ministry in Sierra Leone with Senesie Timothy Aruna Rogers, a United Methodist youth leader in Sierra Leone

Ministry with Children and Parents in Denmark with Rev. Maria Thaarup from Aarhus and Rev. Anne K. Thompson from Vejle

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