Friday, August 23, 2019

Plan Now: Wyandotte Land Return

Global Ministries' founding 200 years ago was inspired by the work of John Stewart, a self-appointed African-American missionary to the Wyandotte/Wynadott/Wyandot Native Americans in Ohio. Stewart's work led to the conversion of Chief Mononcue, Chief Between-the-Logs, and many other Wyandotte, leading to the formal establishment of the Wyandotte Church and Mission.

When the Wyandotte were expelled from their land in 1843, they negotiated with the US federal government for the Methodist Episcopal Church to receive the land on which the church building sat, and Global Ministries has held that land in trust ever since.

On September 21 of this year, Global Ministries will return that land to the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma in a public ceremony in Upper Sandusky, OH.

More information about the land return can be found through a Global Ministries press release and an article from the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

To register to attend the land return, visit this Global Ministries page.

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