Monday, February 26, 2018

Recommended Readings: Migration Roundup

United Methodists around the world celebrated Global Migration Sunday on Dec. 3, 2017. In the almost three months since then, migration has continued to be a significant topic for United Methodists. Here’s a roundup of some of the recent United Methodist news stories related to migration.

Global Migration Sunday
The UMNS story “Churches unite in support of migrants” reports on how United Methodists observed Global Migration Sunday.

Methodists Understanding Migration
In “Who’s in, who’s out: Migrants and a compact,” Church and Society’s Levi Bautista reflects on the state of migrants in the church and UN work.

United Methodist Women published a video entitled “People on the Move: The Global Face of Migration” explaining the phenomenon of global migration.

United Methodists participated in the United Nations-sponsored “Fourth Annual Symposium on the Role of Religion and Faith-based Organizations in International Affairs,” which focused this year on migration, as UMNS reported in its story, “Faith groups put human face on migration.” More on the symposium can be found at “Symposium Highlights.”

Methodists Theologizing Migration
The General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) offers theological reflections on the treatment of migrants drawing on the Akan notion of “Akwaaba,” meaning welcome, as shared in this article, entitled “Akwaaba: Learning the Art of Hospitality from Akan Wisdom.”

Rev. Lyndy Zabel shares theological learnings about the sojourner from a Minnesota Annual Conference symposium in a pieced titled, “No one left behind,” shared by Church and Society.

Methodist Ministries with Migrants
National Justice for Our Neighbors (NJFON), a United Methodist-affiliated immigration ministry, released its 2017 Annual Impact Report.

NJFON also announced the opening of a new JFON site in Tucson.

NJFON also shared the story of Linh, one of them women who has benefitted from the services of the Nebraska affiliate.

UMW posted this video detailing the work with migrants supported by UMW at The Batis Center in the Philippines.

In Germany, the UMC announced a new “Network founded for work with migrants.”

Methodist Hospitality for Migrants
UMNS writer Heather Hanh draws parallels between the tradition of Las Posadas and Elizabeth, an immigrant helped by Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors, in “How an immigrant family found room at the inn.”

In “Family finds sanctuary,” the Michigan Episcopal Area reports on a family offered sanctuary by one of its congregations.

UMNS reports that despite the best efforts of a Florida United Methodist church, “Immigrant supported by church deported.”

Methodists Advocating for Migrants
As UMNS reported, United Methodists were among those joining in “Protests for Dreamers [that led] to arrests.”

In “Bishop: Immigration plan needs care and prayers,” UMNS reports on Bishop Minerva Carcaño’s position on DACA negotions.

All United Methodist Bishops joined together to “condemn Trump’s offensive remarks against immigrants,” as UMNS reported.

Nor was that condemnation limited to the bishops, as UMNS reported in “United Methodists join in Trump rebuke.”

Church and Society encourages United Methodists to sign up for Ecumenical Advocacy Days for Global Peace with Justice, which this year will focus on migration.

Migrant Methodists Contributing to the Church
UMNS profiled Ghanaian and Vietnamese migrant churches in Germany in the piece “Migrant Churches Provide Piece of Home.”

The companion piece “Journey to pulpit began in peril” profiles the only Vietnamese immigrant pastor in the German UMC.

Expressing a sentiment common to many German United Methodists, Bishop Harald Rückert says that in such migrants, “I have seen the future of our church.”

Immigrant pastor Marcelo Gomes shares his work among fellow immigrants in Massachuestts and Florida in the piece “Fertile Ground in Miami for Brazilian Faith Communities.”

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung reflects on the contributions to the wider church made by Korean immigrant and Korean-American United Methodists in “5 Propositions for Korean UMC.”

Migrant Methodists Contributing to Society
United Methodist and Liberian immigrant Wilmot Collins will serve as mayor of Helena, Montana, as UMNS reported in “Refugee U.S. mayor-elect is United Methodist.”

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