Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Recommended reading: Mande Muyombo on regional approach to mission

This blog has previously reported on changes underway at Global Ministries. Those interested in the agency's transformation to a new model of organizing mission will undoubtedly want to read Rev. Dr. Mande Muyombo's recent piece, "No Periphery, No Center: A Regional Approach to Mission." The piece provides a theological and practical justification of the mission agency's shift to a system of regional (i.e., continental) offices along with a further description of how those offices will function. Central to the theological justification is the concept of mission "from everywhere to everywhere" in contrast to the traditional Western sending/non-Western receiving dichotomy of mission. The piece is written by Rev. Dr. Muyombo, the agency's new executive director of the Global Mission Connections unit, who will be overseeing the regional offices.

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