Thursday, November 19, 2015

Recommended reading: Paris attacks and refugee crisis

The world has been rocked in the last week by the ISIS-led terrorist attacks in Paris and Lebanon, the political aftermath, and the implications for the on-going refugee crisis of people fleeing ISIS-led violence in Syria. United Methodists have been among the many responding to and commenting on these issues in the last week. Below is a partial run-down of United Methodist responses. If you know of others, please post them in the comments section.

On the Paris attacks:
A story summarizing United Methodist responses
From Bishop Patrick Streiff of the France, Switzerland, and North Africa Annual Conference
From Bishop Warner Brown, head of the UMC Council of Bishops
From Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of GBGM
From Rev. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, General Secretary of GBCS
From Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA
News article on interfaith service about terrorism involving the UMC in Germany
A summary of reactions in the Holston Annual Conference
From Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean of the Boston University School of Theology

On the Syrian refugee crisis:
From, 7 Facts About the Current Refugee Crisis and a piece on How Do We See Migrants?
A UMNS story summarizing United Methodist statements on refugees
From Bishop Gary Mueller of the Arkansas Conference
From Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Conference
From Bishop Julius Trimble of the Iowa Conference
From Rev. Dalton Rushing of the North Georgia Conference
From Rev. Wes Magruder of the North Texas Conference
From Rev. Drew McIntyre of the Western North Carolina Conference


  1. Here's more on the Paris attacks:
    Bishop Mike Lowry of the Central Texas Conference's Joe Iovino

    On the refugee crisis:
    Bishop Sally Dick of the Northern Illinois Conference
    Rev. Mike Slaughter
    UMC missionary Paul Jeffrey

  2. You canm find the English version of Bishop Streiff's statment here:

  3. More on the refugee crisis:
    From Bishop Bruce Ough of the Minnesota and Dakotas Conferences:
    From Bishop Deb Lieder Kiesey of the Michigan Area:[UNIQID]
    From Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the North Carolina Conference:
    A press conference with Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Conference:
    From Rev. Dr. David Watson:
    From Rev. Becca Girrell:
    From the Massachusetts Council of Churches, including UMC Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar:
    From the World Council of Churches, including UMC Bishop Mary Ann Swenson:

  4. From a group of Texas Christian leaders, including Bishop Janice Riggle Huie of the Texas Conference and Rev. Tommy Williams of St. Paul's UMC:
    From retired Bishop Roy Sano:

  5. From Bishop Bob Hoshibata of the Desert Southwest Conference:
    From ecumenical leaders including Bishop Lindsey Davis of the Kentucky Conference:
    From Rev. Dr. J. Philip Wogaman:
    From Alessandra Trotta of the Italian Methodist Church: