Thursday, May 7, 2015

Recommended Reading: Updates on African education and episcopal matters

I want to update readers on two stories from Africa that this blog has addressed in the past.

The first story is about African education, a topic that this blog has covered before. There continue to be positive developments in United Methodist-related systems of higher education in Africa. In March, the first ever joint meeting of the Africa Association of United Methodist Theological Institutions (AAUMTI) and the Africa Association of Methodist-related Institutions of Higher Education (AAMIHE) occured in Kenya. The AAMIHE was formed a year and a half ago after a meeting also held in Kenya. The AAUMTI dates back to a 2010 conference. The March 2015 meeting of the two groups is a sign that we can expect more collaboration and more accomplishments out of African United Methodist higher education.

The second of these news updates relates to the case of East Africa Bishop Daniel Wandabula.  As reported by UMNS, the Judicial Council, meeting last month, ruled that the General Council on Finance and Administration could not reduce Bishop Wandabula's salary as a penalty for failing to provide adequate accounting of funds, as the agency had planned to do. This blog has previously reported on the dispute over the use and reporting of denominational funds from which this case stems here and here. This ruling by Judicial Council does not end the dispute between GCFA and Bishop Wandabula about his use of funds, but it does mean that GCFA will have to seek other means to resolve its concerns.

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