Thursday, June 26, 2014

Plan Now: Nominate someone to be a speaker at the World Methodist Council 2016 Conference!

While the focus of this blog is on the global nature of The United Methodist Church as a denomination, the UMC is part of larger global contexts of Methodist/Wesleyan traditions.  The World Methodist Council is an important forum for bringing together these larger groups of Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene/Uniting/United denominations. In addition to the ongoing work of the Council (which you can read about on their website), they convene the World Methodist Conference every five years.  The next such Conference will be held in September 2016 in Houston, TX with the theme "One."

What's more, you, dear readers, have an opportunity to contribute to and shape this conference.  The WMC has announced a nomination process for speakers, preachers, and workshop leaders.  You can suggest United Methodists (or others) who you think would reflect well the global diversity of our denomination and Methodism in general and be able to speak to the conference theme of "One."

The nomination form is online or can be printed from the PDF form and mailed in.  You can nominate multiple people, and indeed the WMC encourages people to nominate at least two people.  Nominations are due on August 1st, so submit your nominations soon!  This nominating process is an important way to help shape conversations about Methodism as a global movement, and I hope you will contribute thoughtfully and prayerfully.

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