Friday, August 2, 2013

Recommended Reading: Green roofs and Methodist earth care

This news article reported recently on how the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC, owned by the General Board of Church and Society and inhabited by several United Methodist and other Protestant groups, installed a green roof early last month.  Green roofs, that is, roofs covered with a variety of grasses and other plants, are a growing trend in urban architecture.  They are touted as an environmental benefit by reducing heating and cooling costs, reducing run-off water, and reducing pollutants entering the water system.

By installing this roof, GBCS is witnessing to the importance of the environment, not just as a local Washington issue, or even a national issue, but a global issue.  Installing a green roof on one building may seem like a small thing, but it contributes to making a difference on a much bigger issue, just as a $10 donation to Imagine No Malaria may seem like a small thing, but contributes to making a difference on a much bigger issue.

Of course, while Scandinavian members of the UMC would probably applaud GBCS's desire to care for the environment, they would find green roofs to be nothing new.  They've been using green roofs (sometimes with goats on them!) for centuries, as these photos show.

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